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 Deluxe/IpWncrafing Moderator application.

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PostSubject: Deluxe/IpWncrafing Moderator application.   Sun Aug 22, 2010 4:09 pm

1.Whats your name? Nathan Murphy, I.G i am called Ipwncrafting(Skiller) and Deluxe(PK)

2.How long have you been playing? Newish, about a couple of hours?

3.What are you applying for? (admin, mod, forum mod) Mod

4.Has any other mod/admin recommended you? Im not sure

5.Has any players recommended you? Im not sure.

6.Do you like pie? Definately, the most defining thing about pie is the way that the soft pastry crust is pretty easy to break through unlike other pastry based foods.

7.Why do you wanna be mod? Because i would like to benefit the server. I belive i can do this by stopping spamming and advertizers etc. I will do this by being active and always making sure i am aware. Also i will help other players as much as i can. I also wont break the rules at all.

8.Tell me about yourself? Im called Nathan Murphy. I am 15 and from Durham which is situated in northeast england. Near Newcastle. Im active and im pretty cool(^^_). I like helping people out and learning new things.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Pick me Smile
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Deluxe/IpWncrafing Moderator application.
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